Awarded a $2,500 scholarship last Sept. 29, 2019 at the 2020 Miss Orange County and Miss Orange County Teen Regional    

What is Miss United Counties of America


Miss United Counties of America held annually to select crown warriors from each counties and states to reach out to poor urban areas, to empower young women as volunteers, better engage in their counties through food delivery, health awareness, inspire and educate, build relationships through crown warriors. It is an opportunity for young women across the country to win a title without competing in a pageant and win a crown and sash online or at an actual pageant and we invite you to attend on SEPTEMBER 29, 2019, Hilton Irvine to join. Category: Companies and Organization.

This pageant will empower young women in America to their history of origin, knowledge, experiences, wisdom and culture from generation to generation with the main focus of making a difference in their counties through leadership and personal growth.  "WHORCK" meaning women of history, origin, responsibility, culture and knowledge. Some counties are lacking in support and we are here to be involved, to be active in helping the needs of our own people and to maintain a safe and clean environment plus we are dedicated in helping the  homeless through our "COUNTY INFLUENCE COLLISION." We provide sandwiches, encourage doctors and nurses to help with health check up, cleaning their feet and providing new sandals or shoes, providing a short class on being motivated to cause change, teaching inspiration and more. Please help us achieve our goal of buying a building in each state and county. WE WELCOME YOUR HELP! We will provide training through Skype or Facetime to any queens or ambassadors that we will crown. Note: If you do not want to work directly with the homeless in your county, you can help delegate and plan. Join the crown warriors, a group of women who are making changes in their counties. Open to all girls and young women.  MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO ONE ANOTHER. You can also choose to influence others by volunteering at a charity dear to you or create your own campaign. We will stand by you!

A Crown Warrior is a queen, ambassador, members, leaders and any responsible person who donates their time for our homelessness campaign.