Awarded a $2,500 scholarship last Sept. 29, 2019 at the 2020 Miss Orange County and Miss Orange County Teen Regional    

ONE ON ONE MAKEUP INSTRUCTOR Professional Makeover Consultant Giselle Boone

Giselle Boone is a professional makeup artist and hair stylist specializing in professional look, pageants and runway modeling.
She has been a professional wardrobe stylist since 2000.

To book Giselle Boone for your pageant, send an email to or call 714-619-1085


Giselle Boone is a successful and professional makeover expert and image consultant specialist in Orange County California. She 
works with female and male clients as well as individual, group, company or corporate in the Orange County Area open to all ages. Giselle Boone had work with celebrities and some of her clients had walked for New York Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, Style Fashion Week and Newport Beach Fashion Week.

Whether you are preparing to improve your social life, prepare for a job interview, create a new look, prepare for a modeling or acting audition, prepare for a pageant competition, learn the winning style, improve your looks, Giselle Boone is the image and makeover consultant specialist for you!!

Are you ready for a makeover? Do you need a professional makeover or your children needs a makeover? Are you ready to change your looks and image for the better? Is your image becoming a stumbling block towards a successful career? Is your employee needing a professional makeover? Are you ready for a makeover to be personally successful? Do you need a talented makeover expert in Orange County? Are you needing to meet someone special and need a makeover?

Giselle Boone's goal as an image and makeover consultant is to educate and improve our clients' lives by helping them feel comfortable and confident within themselves through proper wardrobe, hair, makeup, style, image, adaptability to the occasion, feel like a winner and have a great sense of self. Giselle wants her client to get the most out of what they wanted in life as a goal and to open many doors that would provide immense opportunities. Giselle would like for you to get a hold of your stylish self and learn to wear the latest designer's creations or if you wish to stay with in your comfortable style, it is time to improve the quality of your wardrobe and have more variety.

Here is how you can start:
Giselle Boone is located in Fashion Island, Newport Beach CA.

1. Book an appointment. Call 714-619-1085. Once you book an appointment, we will get back to you right away. You can visit my show room in Fashion Island. Let me know whether you are preparing for a special occasion, change your entire look, prepare for a job interview or to enhance your social status.

2. We will take care of the hard part which is either selecting your wardrobe that you already have or help you buy the things that will help improve your looks. As your stylist and makeover specialist, I will carefully select the items just for you based o your needs, budget, style, goals etc. I will be there the whole time to offer suggestions and advice.

3. We will be there for you no matter what time it is. Do you need for us to style you on your lunch break, after work, before work? Want to rebuild your wardrobe from the beginning? We will block out our entire schedule for you. Whether you are just window shopping or you are ready to invest on a new wardrobe, we will be there every step of the way.

To get started, fill out the online form below.

Giselle Boone works with clients in need of make up and skin make over, hair make over, wardrobe make over, styling, public speaking make over, culture studies and much more. Giselle Boone has experience in relationship building, attitude adjustment, etiquette and more.

Let Giselle Boone organize your wardrobe closet and put harmony, put them in season, color, pieces and place them in the proper order.

Type of Image Consultant:
* Image
* Hair - Lesson
* Makeup - Lesson
* Wardrobe
* Social Behavior
* Social Skills
* Preparation for job interview or promotion
* Season
* Style and modernize
and more!

Here are some benefits in Giselle Boone's makeover and image consultant Training:
* Now is your chance to improve your appearance,
* Not only look and feel better but have a positive and energetic outlook in life,
* Communicate your new and improved you with a positive image,
* Excellent communication skills,
* Excellent style, update your look,
* Grooming and cleanliness,
* Learn the basic way of dressing for the occasion,
* Become in tune with the public, etiquette instructions,
* How to land that perfect job with a perfect look and amazing interview and more.
* Image Training for the beginner
* Personal Shopping with style and more for your money
* Amazing Makeup and Skin Care Training
* Make a better wardrobe choice
* Let us study your style and how we can enhance it,
* What colors and designs that are suited for your,
* Identify how to organize and update your closet, What clothes are in style and what needs to go,
* Shopping Tips, color, cut, style, mix match, season,
* Shopping: What Style and brands works for you,

Call Giselle Boone, Makeover and Image Consultant Expert. (714) 619-1085. Email:
Office: Fashion Island, Newport Beach CA

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