Awarded a $2,500 scholarship last Sept. 29, 2019 at the 2020 Miss Orange County and Miss Orange County Teen Regional    


New to pageantry or to Miss Orange County CA or Miss Orange County Teen CA?

Welcome to our pageant family. We all know that being in pageant is both fun and rewarding because you are not only helping others but you are helping yourself improve your personal skills from social communication to bettering your own presentation, grooming, style, etiquette, goal setting, confidence and more. The interview skill is so important and you can use it to your advantage when you apply for a job, college or university, become involve in the community and more. The runway skills will help build your posture, confidence and overall outlook in life. These are only some of many other things you can learn.


1. Want to compete in the future but need training first and experience
2. Don't have the money to compete so by being an Ambassador, I will be able to have a chance to compete
because Ambassador can compete the following regional without paying for the entry fee only
3. I am not interested in competing at the moment but I would like to be an Ambassador
4. I would like to compete, learn how it is to be an ambassador, become really involved in the Miss Orange County CA Organization.
5. I just want pageant experience

1. Tier 1 - With no experience in pageantry or becoming an ambassador (Charity work)
2. Tier 2 - Has experience in pageantry but no charity work experience
3. Tier 3 - Has experience in pageantry and has some experience in charity work
4. Tier 4 - Has a lot of pageant experience and a lot of charity work experience

Note: All events and appearances, Kindness Begins With Me anti-bullying presentation or charity work must be approved.
You must have a photo and a signature from the organizer of the event you have appeared for or to.

How many hours do I have to dedicate? It is not a matter of hours but you must perform at least one event a month or attend with our queens on any event that we have been invited to or make a speaking engagement to a group of kids or teens about KINDNESS BEGINS WITH ME. (At least) 
You also must train in pageant techniques and etiquette at least one hour training a month. If you want your techniques to get even better, you can train more than that.

If you want to start now and train with us, be a part of the ambassador program, you can start visiting schools with us and speak to kids about the danger of bullying and how they can protect themselves. You can be a mentor or an inspiration to everyone even if you don't win a pageant with us. While you are training and doing appearances, you are actually preparing yourself to compete the following regional pageant.

You can also gain insight on how to find sponsors. Pageant competition doesn't have to be expensive or spend top dollars. You can learn how to talk to different businesses, family members and other organizations to help you become successful in your quest to be one of the contestants for MISS ORANGE COUNTY CALIFORNIA or MISS ORANGE COUNTY TEEN CALIFORNIA. The pageant training is free as long as you are an official ambassador.

To apply and start the training process and become an ambassador, please email your resume and a photo to Tell us why we should select you to represent your city and become our ambassador for Kindness Begins With Me Anti-bullying Campaign.

For more info, call 714-619-1085 or email