Awarded a $2,500 scholarship last Sept. 29, 2019 at the 2020 Miss Orange County and Miss Orange County Teen Regional    


All preliminary phases of competition are added  and the contestants with the highest average scores become the semifinalists. Semifinalists will be determined by the total number of contestants in the competition. Most common for our pageant is the Top 15 semifinalists.   Scoring is based on the following:

  • Interview: Panel of judges learn about her successes, talents, goals and ambitions. Careful attention is focused on her poise, charm, self - confidence and her ability to communicate. Preliminary interviews are conducted individually in a private and closed setting in front of the judges. Two-minute interview with the panel of 5 judges. Contestants are scored on their communication skills, and personality. They are NOT scored on their opinions or personal beliefs. There are two Judges' question. One is the Preliminary Interview where all the contestants will be asked by the panel of judges and the top 5 question for those who will be in the top 5. The Judges' Preliminary Interview will mostly be based on your Judges' Bio that we have emailed to you. The Top 5 question is where each of the top 5 will answer one question by choosing a question from the bowl written by one of the judges.  Be aware that Teen's op 5 Question will NOT have political questions. The Miss will have all sorts of questions.
  • Swimsuit: (Miss) Beauty of face, figure, physical fitness, stage presence and the confidence are the main focus.  It is important to see how she carries herself on stage. There is no perfect body type! Preferred solid color. You can ad decorations such as rhinestones or beads. The swimsuit must be made of Swimsuit material.
  • Sportswear: (Teen) Must wear an appropriate sports fabric with proper lining on stage. It can be a top and a bottom. The bottom must be in form of a shorts. No leggings or long sports pants allowed. The top must be sleeveless and can be a tank that either can show the stomach or long top that connects to the bottom. Basically, you can show your midrib. All contestants must purchase the sportswear from our organization to ensure that the price is low and that all the contestants are wearing the same wardrobe as far as sportswear.
  • Evening GownEach contestant wears a gown of her choice. Attention is focused on each contestant’s overall appearance, self-confidence, and the beauty. It is important to have grace, poise, style, stage presence, and overall-impression. She is not judged on the cost of her gown or who designed it but rather how confident she is. Judges are instructed to evaluate the contestant, not the dress she is wearing. The length of the gown must touch the floor.

There is NO Talent competition and no experience is necessary.

C: 714.619.1085

Note: Intellectual properties for this regional competition is under the ownership of Miss Orange County Regional Pageant.