Awarded a $2,500 scholarship last Sept. 29, 2019 at the 2020 Miss Orange County and Miss Orange County Teen Regional    

History of Miss Orange County


2019 STATE PAGEANT was a successful pageant for Giselle Boone's team. Both her top Miss and Top Teen made top 5 at the state pageant and 2 other miss and two other teens  made top 15 in the Teen.
Kourtney Kellar - 3rd Runner Up at state in the Miss                 Sarosh Syed - 3rd Runner Up in the Teen
Other Top 10 finisher at state                                                Other Top 15 Teen state winners
Dominique Arciniega                                                             LucyAnn Lacdan
Kirstin Bangs                                                                        Lauren Dorn

Winner of Miss California Teen USA 2017, Jaanu Patel, former Miss Huntington Beach Teen USA 2017, coached by Giselle Boone.

The MISS ORANGE COUNTY  and MISS ORANGE COUNTY TEEN was created on January 2011 by Giselle Boone. The first pageant was on August 6, 2011 called the 2012 MISS ORANGE COUNTY REGIONAL  and MISS ORANGE COUNTY TEEN REGIONAL held at the Huntington Beach Historic Auditorium. It was a star studded event hosted by the Real Housewife of Orange County, Alexis Bellino and E' Ryan Basford of the Chelsea Lately Show.

The winners of our first pageant are Susan Romanishin, 20, MISS ORANGE COUNTY REGIONAL and Alexa Jones, 17, MISS ORANGE COUNTY TEEN REGIONAL. Both Titleholders went on compete at the State Pageant on January 8, 2012 in Indian Wells. On our first pageant, we produced a State winner. Alexa Jones went on to win the State Pageant and later competed at the National Pageant.

Our second pageant was held on August 4, 2012 also at the Huntington Beach Historic Auditorium hosted by the Real Housewife of Orange County Star Peggy Tanous. The winners are Allie Ibarra, MISS ORANGE COUNTY REGIONAL 2013 and Brylin D'Antonio, MISS ORANGE COUNTY TEEN REGIONAL 2013.

This is the biggest Orange County Regional Pageant in OC. August 6, 2011, Saturday, was quite a momentous occasion for the 2012 Miss Orange County Regional and Miss Orange County Teen Regional Pageant. Our Executive Director, Giselle Boone, had quite a nice start, thanks in part to her fantastic knowledge of pageant, training abilities and profesionalism. As a result, Orange County took home it's first State title, the Miss California Teen USA 2012 from the former Miss Orange County Teen Regional 2012, Alexa Jones.

The 2012 Miss Orange County Regional Pageant was the very first ever televised pageant in Orange County which was aired in over 50 cities. It
is also the opening of the Miss Orange County Regional Breast Cancer Awareness Program and the donations were given to the Susan G. Komen race for a cure.

The 2012 Miss Orange County Regional was a star studded event. The pageant was hosted by "The Real Housewife of Orange County" star Alexis Bellino who did such a magnificent job along with her co-host, Ryan Basford of Chelsea Lately Show on E!. The 2012 Miss Orange County Regional Pageant Judges were also a star studded cast including former Miss Universe, Shawn Weatherly, former Miss USA Kristen Dalton  and much more!

The very successful event produced three teens and three miss in the top 20 at the Miss California usa 2012 and Miss California teen USA 2012. The Miss Orange County Regional 2012 is Susan Romanishin, 20, from Sacramento, California. The Miss Orange County Teen Regional 2012 is Alexa Jones, 17, of Ramona, California but because she later won state, the Miss Orange County Teen Regional 2012 was bestowed upon Tiffany Brock, Alexa's runner up.  The Ms. Orange County Regional 2012 goes to the beautiful Wendy Signorino and the Junior Miss Orange County 2012 was given to the amazing Rylan Lee, 5.  She had appeared in several TV shows including the popular Toddlers and Tiara show, Television show and commercials.

Since the pageant, both Susan and Tiffany had experienced so many exciting things that comes from being Giselle Boone's Titleholders. Both have appeared on several fashion shows, interviews, Runway Shows, Photo Shoot, Make a Wish Foundation Charity appearance and more!

Both Alexa and Susan had quite amazing photo shoot including a photo shoot with famed BENIZO and photographer Tiffany. Susan had been invited in several City wide functions and modeled all over Sacramento and Southern California. She recently single handed a food drive in Sacramento. Alexa was a special guest and joined several celebrities at the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Race for a Cure Celebration. Alexa Jones is now preparing to compete at the National in Bahamas on July 28, 2012.

The Miss Orange County 2013 is Allie Ibarra and the Miss Orange County Teen 2013 is Brylin D'Antonio. The Miss Orange County 2014 was Shelynne Hoyt and Miss Orange County Teen 2014 is Jocelyn McCoy. The Miss Orange County 2015 is Brandi Walshe and Miss Orange County Teen 2015 is Kyra Cromwell. The Miss Orange County 2016 is Berlin Armenta and Miss Orange County Teen 2016 is Lauren Dorn.

Our current Miss Orange County Regional 2019 is Kyra DeCastro and the new Miss Orange County Teen Regional 2019 is Isabella Colffer.