Awarded a $2,500 scholarship last Sept. 29, 2019 at the 2020 Miss Orange County and Miss Orange County Teen Regional    


Giselle Boone is the top pageant coach in California. Her girls who competed at Miss California USA and Miss California Teen USA made top 5 in teen and Miss for 2019 and had two Top 15 in Teen and Miss. Giselle also coached a lot of state pageant winners.
Giselle Boone is a Sought-after pageant coaching in the California ad around the United States.
Tel: 714-619-1085

Winner of Miss Kansas USA 2019, Alyssa Klinzing
Top 5 at the 2019 Miss California USA Kourtney Kellar
Top 5 of Miss California USA 2017 and 2016
Winner of Miss Earth U.S.
Winner of Miss U.S. International
Winner of Miss Maryland Teen USA

Pageant Coaching Division:

Pageant Walks/Posture
Pageant Stage Performance
Pageant Facial Expressions
Pageant Interview
Winning Pageant Hair
Winning Pageant Makeup
Pageant Wardrobe and Styling
Pageant Introduction
Pageant Bio and Resume
Swimsuit Pageant Coaching
Evening Gown Pageant Coaching
Casual Wear/ Sportswear Pageant Coaching
Speech Pageant Coaching
Non-verbal Pageant Coaching
and more.

Pageant Coaching 
In-person Private Pageant Coaching for 60 minutes
Group Pageant Coaching (Depending on the size)
Skype or Facetime Pageant Coaching for 60 minutes

* Four 1-hour Sessions, a total of four hours in person or Skype session
* Evaluations, Progress, Goals both short term and long term.
* Unlimited texting or email means of coaching (must be scheduled a head of time), available 7 days a week.
* Suggestions, Feedback, What to focus on,  Review and Weekly Report
* Wardrobe Styling suggestions, what fits your body, what style is suited for your style and body frame, whats up to date.
* Interview practice pageant coaching, provide you with a few list of sample questions to practice.
* Optional Categories Pageant coaching, Optional categories have certain focus whether it is wardrobe, poses on photos etc.
* Choreography. This is something that will be suited for your level.
* Assist in writing  Personal Introduction. Some coaches write their Persona Intro which doesn't really help you progress. We work with you!
* Assist in writing speech. We start with topic of choice, main body, main points, conclusion etc. We focus on your platform.
* Assist in formulating a winning resume. It is important for us to showcase your achievements, success.
* Walking Coaching. Giselle Boone is one of the top runway modeling coach in Orange County and LA. From Basic to advanced.
* Facial Expressions. This is a very important ingredients in performing on stage.
* Photo shoot poses suggestions. This is top model. We do what is suited for your level.

* Three 1-hour sessions plus assistance with one or more selected items listed on the platinum package


* Two 1-hour sessions plus assistance with one or more select items listed on the platinum package

* One hour session plus  assistance with one or more select items listed on the platinum package

Do you need me to do your hair and makeup for your competition:
One day of hair and makeup styling for your competition; Hair Styling and Make Up application.
Wow! Get ready to have your personal hair and makeup artist come to your day the day of the competition.

Do you need me for the entire weekend which include hair and makeup for the weekend so three days of competition and activities,

plus hair and makeup for the pageant weekend activities? For all three day weekend hair and makeup = $500.
Wow! Get ready to look fabulous all three day pageant weekend plus hair and makeup ready for your competition.

If you need me to fly to your state, you must book the flight. 

Payments can be made by cash or through Paypal. All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. All lessons must be scheduled and completed with in one month of inquiry.

To contact Giselle Boone, please send me a text at 7146191085 or send me an email to
Please include your name, age, city, email and contact info.
Tell me more about the competition or pageant that you are preparing for.